July 2, 2018



14h00-15h00: Keynote: S. OSHER


15h00-16h00: Session: Mathematical imaging (1)


Digital image processing with quantum approaches

Nicolas Gillard, Etienne Belin and Franois Chapeau-Blondeau

The Nonlocal p-Laplacian Problem on Graphs: The Continuum Limit

Yosra Hafiene, Jalal Fadili and Abderrahim Elmoataz

Variable exponent nonlocal model with weaker norm in the fidelity term for image restoration

Fahd Karami, Driss Meskine and Khadija Sadik


16h00-16h50: Session: Poster (1)


Efficient Implementation of updating MCU using The Firmware on The Air 

Ines Ben Hlima and Halim Kacem

Robust Non Parametric CFAR Detector in Compound Gaussian Clutter in The Presence of Thermal Noise and Interfering Targets

Nouh Guidoum, Faouzi Soltani, Khaled Zebiri and Amar Mezache

Mitigation of Target Tracking Errors and sUAS Response Using Multi Sensor Data Fusion

David Kondru and Mehmet Celenk

Multi-Pinhole Based X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography: A Comparison with Single Pinhole Case

Tenta Sasaya, Naoki Sunaguchi, Seung-Jun Seo, Tsutomu Zeniya, Kazuyuki Hyodo, Jong-Ki Kim and Tetsuya Yuasa

Convolutional Feature Learning and CNN based HMM for Arabic Handwriting Recognition

Mustapha Amrouch, Mouhcine Rabi and Youssef Es-Saady

A Fuzzy Radial Basis Model for Arabic Documents Classification

Taher Zaki, Mohamed Salim El Bazzi, Driss Mammass and Abdel Ennaji

viAn Objective Evaluation of Edge Detection Methods based on Oriented Half Kernels

Baptiste Magnier

A novel approach to string instrument recognition

Anushka Banerjee, Alekhya Ghosh, Sarbani Palit and Miguel Angel Ferrer Ballester


16h50-18h10: Session: Mathematical imaging (2)


Digital Cultural Heritage imaging via osmosis filtering

Simone Parisotto, Luca Calatroni and Claudia Daffara

A nonlocal model for image restoration with Gamma noise

Fahd Karami, Driss Meskine and Omar Oubbih

Fourth Order Nonlinear Diffusion Filters for Multiplicative Noise Removal

Mahipal Jetta, Pradeep Nalluri, Preetham Dasari and Venkata Sai Hitesh Jonnalagadda

PDEs on Graphs for Image Reconstruction on Positron Emission Tomography

Abdelwahhab Boudjelal, Abderrahim Elmoataz, Franois Lozes and Zoubeida Messali


18h10-19h10 Session: Image and Video Processing (1)


Image denoising using collaborative patch-based and local methods

Vittoria Bruni and Domenico Vitulano

Number of Useful Components in Gaussian Mixture Models for Patch-based Image Denoising

Dai-Viet Tran, SŽbastien Li-Thiao-TŽ, Marie Luong, Thuong Le-Tien and Franoise Dibos

Automatic Video Editing : Original Tracking Method applied to Basketball players in video sequences

Colin Le Nost, Florent Lefevre, Vincent Bombardier, Patrick Charpentier, Nicolas Krommenacker and Bertrand Petat




July 3, 2018



08h30-09h30: Keynote: E. PROVENZI


09h30-10h30: Session: Multispectral and Color Imaging (1)


Towards highlight based illuminant estimation in multispectral images

Haris Ahmad Khan, Jean-Baptiste Thomas and Jon Yngve Hardeberg

Target Preserving Hyperspectral Image Compression using Weighted PCA and JPEG2000

Ali Can Karaca and Mehmet Kemal GŸllŸ

Ink bleed-through removal of historical manuscripts based on hyperspectral imaging

Cristian Rocha, Hilda Deborah and Jon Yngve Hardeberg


10h30-11h10: Session: Poster (2)


Contrast Enhancement of Dental Lesions by Light Source Optimisation

Joni Hyttinen, Pauli FŠlt, Laure Fauch, Anni Riepponen, Arja Kullaa and Markku Hauta-Kasari

Colorimetric screening of the haze model limits

Jessica El Khoury, Jean-Baptiste Thomas and Alamin Mansouri

A novel approach to string instrument recognition

Anushka Banerjee, Alekhya Ghosh, Sarbani Palit and Miguel Angel Ferrer Ballester

Benchmarking saliency detection methods on multimodal image data

Hanan Anzid, Aissam Bekkari, Gaetan Le Goic, Alamin Mansouri and Driss Mammass

Image Segmentation and Object Extraction for Automatic Diatoms Classication

Emanuel GutiŽrrez Lira, Fathallah Nouboud, Alain Chalifour and Yvon Voisin

Invariant Digital Image Watermarking Scheme In The Projected-Frequency Domain

Dhekra Essaidani and Hassene Seddik

An Adaptive Block-Based Histogram Packing for Improving the Compression Performance of JPEG-LS for Images with Sparse and Locally Sparse Histograms

Souha Jallouli, Sonia Zouari, Nouri Masmoudi and Atef Masmoudi

An Objective Evaluation of Edge Detection Methods based on Oriented Half Kernels

Baptiste Magnier

Geometrical local image descriptors for palmprint recognition

Bilal Attallah, Youssef Chahir and Amina Serir



11h10-12h10: Session: Multispectral and Color Imaging (2) // Poster (2)


Spectral Image Enhancement for the Visualization of Dental Lesions

Pauli FŠlt, Joni Hyttinen, Laure Fauch, Anni Riepponen, Arja Kullaa and Markku Hauta-Kasari

Visualization technique for change of edema condition by volume measurement using depth camera

Kenta Masui, Kaoru Kiyomitsu, Keiko Ogawa and Norimichi Tsumura

Melanin pigment identified from changes in individual facial images in 2003, 2010 and 2015 and its relationship with the use of UV protection

Ikumi Nomura, Yuri Tatsuzawa, Mihiro Uchida, Nobutoshi Ojima, Takeo Imai, Keiko Ogawa and Norimichi Tsumura


13h40-15h00: Session: Computer Vision


Analysis of Camera Pose Estimation Using 2D Scene Features for Augmented Reality Applications

Shabnam Meshkat Alsadat and Denis Laurendeau

Semantic Segmentation of Indoor-Scene RGB-D Images based on Iterative Contraction and Merging

Jia-Hao Syu, Shih-Hsuan Cho, Sheng-Jyh Wang and Li-Chun Wang

Salient Spin images: a descriptor for 3D object recognition

Jihad H'Roura, Micha‘l Roy, Alamin Mansouri, Driss Mammass, Patrick Juillion, Ali Bouzit and Patrice MŽniel

Multi-view Iterative Random Projections On Big Data Clustering

Safa Bettoumi, Chiraz Jlassi and Najet Arous


15h20-16h40: Session: Image and Video Processing (2)


An image processing method based on features selection for crop plants and weeds discrimination using RGB images

Ali Ahmad, RŽmy Guyonneau, Franck Mercier and Etienne Belin

Automatic Camera Selection in the Context of Basketball Game

Florent Lefevre, Vincent Bombardier, Patrick Charpentier, Nicolas Krommenacker and Bertrand Petat

Ordinal learning with vector-space based binary predicates and its application to Tahitian pearls' luster automatic assessment

Ga‘l Mondonneix, SŽbastien Chabrier, Jean-Martial Mari and Alban Gabillon

Separability index-based feature selection and a two-tiers classifier for improving diagnostic performance in bearings

Viet Tra, Jong-Myon Kim and Bach-Phi Duong

Automatic Anonymization of Printed-Text Document Images

Angel Sanchez, Jose F. Velez, Javier Sanchez and A. Belen Moreno





July 4, 2018




08h30-09h30: Keynote: J. WIECKERT


09h30-10h30: Session: ML, Deep Learning and applications (1)


Editorial Image Retrieval using Handcrafted and CNN Features

Claudia Companioni-Brito, Sule Yildirim, Jon Yngve Hardeberg and Mohamed Elawady

Image ClassiŞcation in the Frequency Domain with Neural Networks and Absolute Value DCT

Florian Franzen

Time Series Classification with the Shallow Learning Shepard Interpolation Neural Networks

Kaleb E. Smith and Phillip Williams



10h50-12h30: Session: ML, Deep Learning and applications (2)


Visual tracking using multi-layer CNN features based discriminant correlation filters with foreground mask

Tao Yang, Cindy Cappelle, Yassine Ruichek and Mohammed El Bagdouri

Region-Based Convolutional Networks for End-to-End Detection of Agricultural Mushrooms

Alexander Olpin, Deborah Stacey, Rozita Dara and Mohamed Kashkoush

Adaptive Batch Extraction for Hyperspectral Image Classification based on Convolutional Neural Network

Maissa Hamouda, Karim Saheb Ettabaa and Med Salim Bouhlel

Underwater Live Fish Recognition By Deep Learning

Abdelouahid Ben Tamou, Abdesslam Benzinou, Kamal Nasreddine and Lahoucine Ballihi

Pipeline Fault Diagnosis Using Wavelet Entropy and Ensemble Deep Neural Technique

Bach-Phi Duong and Jong-Myon Kim


13h30-14h50: Session: Biometric, Affective and biomedical imaging


Detecting Morphed Face Images Using Facial Landmarks

Ulrich Scherhag, Dhanesh Budhrani, Marta Gomez-Barrero and Christoph Busch

Affective Computing: Using Covariance Descriptors for Facial Expression Recognition

Ashaylin Naidoo, Jules R. Tapamo and Rethabile Khulang

Designing efficient spoof detection scheme for face biometric 

Maryam Eskandari and Omid Sharifi

Gradual Domain Adaptation for Segmenting Whole Slide Images Showing Pathological Variability

Michael Gadermayr, Dennis Eschweiler, Barbara Mara Klinkhammer, Peter Boor and Dorit Merhof

Convolutional Neural-Adaptive Networks for Melanoma Recognition

Ibtissam Bakkouri and Afdel Karim


15h10-16-30: Session: Image and Video Processing (3)


Human Dendritic Cells Segmentation based on K-means and Active Contour

Marwa Braiki, Abdesslam Benzinou, Kamal Nasreddine, Aymen Mouelhi, Salam Labidi and Nolwenn Hymery

Spatially Constrained Mixture Model with feature selection For Image and Video Segmentation

Ines Channoufi, Sami Bourouis, Nizar Bouguila and Kamel Hamrouni

Review: Automatic Image Annotation for Semantic Image Retrieval

Hasna Abioui, Ali Idarrou, Bouzit Ali and Driss Mammass

Graph-based Text Modeling: Considering Mathematical Semantic Linking to Improve The Indexation of Arabic Documents

Mohamed Salim El Bazzi, Driss Mammass, Taher Zaki and Abdel Ennaji

Visual Scene Reconstruction using a Bayesian Learning Framework

Sami Bourouis, Nizar Bouguila, Yexing Li and Muhammad Azam